Skills TEAM LEADERSHIP – Collaborative and Enthusiastic People Lead • Leading and developing high-performing, award-winning Creative teams for over 20 years • Embracing administrative duties to allow my teams to produce the best work with the fewest process obstructions • Setting the tone by encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work by being my authentic self • Supervising and project-managing remote teams across multiple cities, time zones and countries • Supervising and mentoring interns • Developing trust within teams to create confidence to work independently and not feel micro-managed • Collaborating across a variety of teams and functions in fast-paced, professional environments • Thriving in high-energy settings managing multiple work streams simultaneously • Presenting, communicating and thinking critically both internally and with clients • Directing agency partners / vendors / contractors through strong verbal and written communication • Jumping in at any level as needed to bring a project to completion CREATIVE – Detail-Oriented Art Director, Designer and Illustrator • Demonstrating strong creative and critical thinking by designing and building across a variety of touch points: point-of-purchase and retail; environmental / brick and mortar; experiential / trade shows; event activations; web/mobile UI and UX; infographics and data visualization; photography; packaging; identity and branding • Designing and building across a variety of media: digital, mobile, AR/VR, packaging, print, animation, paper craft, food • Utilizing compelling storytelling to create consistent, tailored Creative assets • Directing photo and video shoots with a singular artistic vision to meet the clients’ goals • Producing: estimating, designing for prepress / preparing final files, visiting sites, checking presses STRATEGY – Insights-Driven Trend Pusher • Turning research and intelligence into relevant, actionable insights for Creative and Marketing • Developing bespoke brand and market narratives based on data • Staying ahead of trends in technology through continuous research • Driving innovation and continuous improvement of process and desired business outcomes • Analyzing complex data sets and distilling findings into usable insights • Developing presentations and pitches to sell through big ideas • Watching trends and leading vision for content strategy, ideation, creation, photography and editing MARKETING – Adept Relationship Builder • Understanding of integrated marketing across the prospect life cycle and engagement funnel • Managing branded partnerships / cross-branded promotion marketing and licensing • Building relationships through client interaction, sales, negotiation and budget planning • Developing and launching products and solutions based on client and market needs • Meticulously planning, scheduling and executing both D2C and B2B campaigns for online and offline / out of home
Header Graphic - The Home Depot - Organic DEI Content - 1920x540

Organic DEI Content

Trade School work for The Home Depot | 2023-2024

The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - Small Acts of Doing by Lindsey Cirmotich

Lindsey's original "Small Acts of Doing" sketch that inspired all of the other Associate graphics

I've had the privilege of working with Lindsey Cirmotich on several projects including The Home Depot's TikTok channel launch and the PPG campaign where she oversaw everything for Glidden. She is an amazing illustrator in addition to being one of the most talented hybrid Creatives I know.

We were also both on Trade School's D&I Council, so we became "the team" who got tapped for all-things-DEI-content for The Home Depot's Organic Social team beginning in 2023.

Starting with a sketch Lindsey did for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2023, we've been slowly introducing batches of The Home Depot Associates illustrated for each heritage month along with a graphics package of corresponding color bars and frames that can be used on social media.

We've worked very closely with both Trade School's / Guided by Good's and The Home Depot's DEI teams to make sure the Associates we show and the activities they are doing are celebratory of a cultural heritage and not demeaning or degrading in any way.

The Team

Scott Hunt - Creative Director, Paper Craft Artist, Photographer

Lindsey Cirmotich - Art Director, Illustrator

The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - Associate Version

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2023

The one that started it all...

In 2022, Lindsey and Jennifer Barclay came up with the idea of using the national flowers from every Asian / Pacific Island country as a nod to The Home Depot's Garden Center, one of the most-photographed spots in any The Home Depot store. It was colorful and celebratory and made sense for The Home Depot to do something like celebrating culture through gardening.

In 2023, we were asked how to kick that up another notch; and I suggested we do a similar execution of national flowers, but with cut paper.

More specifically: paint swatches.

Lindsey did a sketch of the overall idea, and I had a chance to pull out my Maker skills to execute it.

Everything was hand-cut from Behr and PPG paint swatches except for the background; that was a single sheet of peach-colored paper from Sam Flax. I shot two different versions: one with the Associates included and one with just the florals in case anyone felt the Associates were too "cute."

The paper photographed much more pink than peach, so I had to do a small amount of color adjusting on the background for the final.

NOTE: I do not recommend using paint swatches for finely-detailed paper craft unless you have stock in X-Acto. I went through almost two dozen blades on this project alone.

The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - BTS #7
The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - BTS #8
The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - BTS #2
The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - BTS #4
The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - BTS #6
The Home Depot - AAPI 2023 - Floral Version

Pride 2023 In-Feed Video

We were asked to execute two different pieces for Pride Month in 2023; a 1:1 in-feed video unit and a graphics package that could be used across social and internal communications that included a 1:1 in-feed static post.

The in-feed video was executed mimicking the viral trend of paint-pouring / dripping. We added a Paint Stirrer to get a little branding into the video.

I made a HUGE mess all over my desk on attempt #1... and the paint stick I used was... gross... by the end of the pull.

The final video was a combination of the actual paint-pulling video I shot and some clean-up animation done in After Effects where I also added the "Happy Pride Month" graphic.

The Home Depot - Pride 2023 - Paint BTS
The Home Depot - Pride 2023 - Associate Post 1x1
The Home Depot - Pride 2023 - Associates
The Home Depot - Pride 2023 - Graphics Package GIF

Pride 2023 In-Feed Static Post & Graphics Package

Turns out the Associates Lindsey illustrated for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month were a hit... so we were asked to do more of them.

Using the theme of "Building Community with Pride," Lindsey had this set of Associates working to assemble the words, "HAPPY PRIDE MONTH."

She then took the colored pattern from each of the letters and created frames and other graphic elements that could be layered on top of photos with the individual Associates to create Organic social content throughout the month.

I should point out that at the time I had cyan-colored hair, so I take it as a huge compliment that Lindsey found a way to get me into the set.

The Home Depot - Hispanic Heritage Month 2024 - Associates

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Lindsey did SO MUCH RESEARCH guided by Trade School's Communications Strategy team to make sure there is a good cross-section of every group we were asked to make Associate graphics for.

She studied the skin tones, hair styles, body types, jewelry—you name it. 

This was also the first set to include an autistic Associate - he's the one wearing noise-cancelling headphones at work to aid with sensory overload.

This month's graphics package again included a set of Associate illustrations and frames / color bars corresponding with the heritage month's core colors.

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