Skills TEAM LEADERSHIP – Collaborative and Enthusiastic People Lead • Leading and developing high-performing, award-winning Creative teams for over 20 years • Embracing administrative duties to allow my teams to produce the best work with the fewest process obstructions • Setting the tone by encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work by being my authentic self • Supervising and project-managing remote teams across multiple cities, time zones and countries • Supervising and mentoring interns • Developing trust within teams to create confidence to work independently and not feel micro-managed • Collaborating across a variety of teams and functions in fast-paced, professional environments • Thriving in high-energy settings managing multiple work streams simultaneously • Presenting, communicating and thinking critically both internally and with clients • Directing agency partners / vendors / contractors through strong verbal and written communication • Jumping in at any level as needed to bring a project to completion CREATIVE – Detail-Oriented Art Director, Designer and Illustrator • Demonstrating strong creative and critical thinking by designing and building across a variety of touch points: point-of-purchase and retail; environmental / brick and mortar; experiential / trade shows; event activations; web/mobile UI and UX; infographics and data visualization; photography; packaging; identity and branding • Designing and building across a variety of media: digital, mobile, AR/VR, packaging, print, animation, paper craft, food • Utilizing compelling storytelling to create consistent, tailored Creative assets • Directing photo and video shoots with a singular artistic vision to meet the clients’ goals • Producing: estimating, designing for prepress / preparing final files, visiting sites, checking presses STRATEGY – Insights-Driven Trend Pusher • Turning research and intelligence into relevant, actionable insights for Creative and Marketing • Developing bespoke brand and market narratives based on data • Staying ahead of trends in technology through continuous research • Driving innovation and continuous improvement of process and desired business outcomes • Analyzing complex data sets and distilling findings into usable insights • Developing presentations and pitches to sell through big ideas • Watching trends and leading vision for content strategy, ideation, creation, photography and editing MARKETING – Adept Relationship Builder • Understanding of integrated marketing across the prospect life cycle and engagement funnel • Managing branded partnerships / cross-branded promotion marketing and licensing • Building relationships through client interaction, sales, negotiation and budget planning • Developing and launching products and solutions based on client and market needs • Meticulously planning, scheduling and executing both D2C and B2B campaigns for online and offline / out of home

Jif Peanut Butter - Jif Squeeze "Gladiator" Social

Moxie work for Jif Peanut Butter / The J.M. Smucker Co. | December 2020–January 2021

We pitched a LOT of work for Jif, and the only one I was able to see through to completion before I left Publicis Groupe in February 2021 was the matching social campaign for the "Gladiator Arena" broadcast spot set to air in April 2021 for the new Jif Squeeze product line.

Our team had to take an in-progress broadcast spot and make compelling social content out of whatever we could, which made for a fun challenge.

"Would You Rather..." Instagram Story Poll

When I say that Jif social hadn't been very active AT ALL, this kind of low-lift activation blew their minds with the amount of engagement they received organically.

After starting the poll with the full, "Would you rather..." copy, we shortened it to the more text-friendly, "WYR" for two of the frames.

Instagram Story - Jif Squeeze - Frame 1 - Arena
Instagram Story - Jif Squeeze - Frame 2 - Celery or Bread & Apples
Instagram Story - Jif Squeeze - Frame 3 - Spread or Squeeze
Instagram Story - Jif Squeeze - Frame 4 - Arm Wrestle
Instagram Story - Jif Squeeze - Frame 5 - Visit or Eat

Art History-Inspired In-Feed Posts

"That Jif'ing good" was a tagline Jif had adopted in 2020, so we found a couple of ways we could work that into either post copy or in-feed headlines in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

Hughston had way too much fun Photoshopping Jif Squeeze into historical Roman art.

That Jif'ing Good - Art History - Statue

Jif GIFs

Because sometimes you need a good reaction GIF.

Jif Squeeze GIFs - Gladiator
Jif Squeeze GIFs - Knife in Jar
Jif Squeeze GIFs - Knife Breaking
Jif Squeeze GIFs - Ouch

The Team

Scott Hunt, Creative Director, Peanut Butter Artist

Hughston May, Art Director

Orin Heidelberg, Copywriter

Some bonus content...

Jif Squeeze - Colosseum Drawing

My history of drawing in Arby's Sauce was VERY helpful when we pitched using Jif Squeeze as a potential medium for making social content.


We originally pitched using Jif in a 3D printer as a unique social stunt (it had been done by individual content creators who had adapted 3D printers to work with food, but not one sponsored by Jif).

When we were asked to TRY making it work with Jif Squeeze for the "Gladiator Arena" social posts, I did.


Jif Squeeze was just too creamy (and warm from my hands squeezing the package) to hold its shape for more than 30 seconds before it slumped into the mess above.

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