Skills TEAM LEADERSHIP – Collaborative and Enthusiastic People Lead • Leading and developing high-performing, award-winning Creative teams for over 20 years • Embracing administrative duties to allow my teams to produce the best work with the fewest process obstructions • Setting the tone by encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work by being my authentic self • Supervising and project-managing remote teams across multiple cities, time zones and countries • Supervising and mentoring interns • Developing trust within teams to create confidence to work independently and not feel micro-managed • Collaborating across a variety of teams and functions in fast-paced, professional environments • Thriving in high-energy settings managing multiple work streams simultaneously • Presenting, communicating and thinking critically both internally and with clients • Directing agency partners / vendors / contractors through strong verbal and written communication • Jumping in at any level as needed to bring a project to completion CREATIVE – Detail-Oriented Art Director, Designer and Illustrator • Demonstrating strong creative and critical thinking by designing and building across a variety of touch points: point-of-purchase and retail; environmental / brick and mortar; experiential / trade shows; event activations; web/mobile UI and UX; infographics and data visualization; photography; packaging; identity and branding • Designing and building across a variety of media: digital, mobile, AR/VR, packaging, print, animation, paper craft, food • Utilizing compelling storytelling to create consistent, tailored Creative assets • Directing photo and video shoots with a singular artistic vision to meet the clients’ goals • Producing: estimating, designing for prepress / preparing final files, visiting sites, checking presses STRATEGY – Insights-Driven Trend Pusher • Turning research and intelligence into relevant, actionable insights for Creative and Marketing • Developing bespoke brand and market narratives based on data • Staying ahead of trends in technology through continuous research • Driving innovation and continuous improvement of process and desired business outcomes • Analyzing complex data sets and distilling findings into usable insights • Developing presentations and pitches to sell through big ideas • Watching trends and leading vision for content strategy, ideation, creation, photography and editing MARKETING – Adept Relationship Builder • Understanding of integrated marketing across the prospect life cycle and engagement funnel • Managing branded partnerships / cross-branded promotion marketing and licensing • Building relationships through client interaction, sales, negotiation and budget planning • Developing and launching products and solutions based on client and market needs • Meticulously planning, scheduling and executing both D2C and B2B campaigns for online and offline / out of home

Arby's Social Media

ROAR Groupe / Moxie work for Arby's Restaurants | 2016-2021


Arby's Twitter post the day the platform went from 140 to 280 characters (November 8, 2017). We wanted to see how many "characters" we'd created could fit in a single image and still be recognizable.

There's a lot I can say after being on this account from September 2016 to February 2021. This account and the team I joined were the reason I chose to leave in-house marketing and go agency-side. It got me noticed as an artist for my paper crafting and gave me multiple occasions to speak at conventions and events like SXSW, MomoCon and Awesome Games Done Quick. Arby's as a client was amazing to work with, and they constantly asked us for the next , "Holy sh*t, Arby's!" moment. 

Above all, I was privileged to work with some of the most talented and creative people in the business. As a team, we met Arby's goal of being one of the most talked-about brands on social; and that started with our "Fellow Fan" approach to content creation. Through the Fellow Fan ongoing campaign, we were written up more than 50 times by various trade publications, blogs and fan sites; and we won or were nominated for a dozen awards. To see more about that, go check out the Awards tab above where I captured as many of the links as I could.

My role on the team shifted over time. I joined as Senior Designer, and did almost entirely content creation in the form of paper crafts built from packaging and sauce art (my Illustration background and history with cake decorating came in very handy there). However, just because I was a "Senior Designer" on paper, my boss never let that title stop me from joining in on the concepting, art direction, photography and presenting of our ideas. Everyone on the team was an equal and all opinions and ideas mattered; and as I rose through the ranks at ROAR Groupe/Moxie, I kept up with that mentality. Creative Residents (how we referred to our interns) had just as much room to speak up in ideation and planning sessions as the CD, and that made for some incredible growth for everyone on the team. 

Who are all these crazy-talented people I worked with? This list is everyone who was part of the day-to-day Creative team since I first joined it in 2016; and although some of them have moved on to other projects / other agencies / got smart and left agency life altogether, they all left their marks on the account.

Jennifer Barclay - ACD/CD until Dec. 2020

Brandon Kraemer - Sr. Copywriter until Dec. 2018 (left Publicis for Nintendo)

Erik Hostetler - ECD from 2016-2018 (when our team got moved under Jared)

Hughston May - Creative Resident in 2018; Jr. Designer starting Jan. 2019

Jared Kozel - ECD from 2018-2020

Orin Heidelberg - Sr. Copywriter starting March 2019

Kalle Thomas - Creative Resident in 2019

Katie Greco - Creative Resident in 2019

Clarke Modlin - Art Director starting in Jan. 2020

Cat Sheehan - Sr. Art Director starting in Nov. 2020

Make social content people care about.

The average person on social media gives any content less than three seconds before they decide to scroll to the next image or video.


Nobody wants ads in their social feeds.

Arby's was a FUN account to work on because they knew they were the brunt of so many jokes (Thank you, Lisa Simpson and Jon Stewart). So what we achieved in social at the time was legendary.

The Ask

Get people to stop scrolling and start engaging with Arby's on social.

(That's not a big ask at all, right?)

The Idea

Stop making ads.

Get Arby's to behave less like a brand and more like an unabashed fan.

The Execution

We looked at the interests of the members of our team... and got Arby's on board. If we were geeking out about it, then Arby's would be, too.

We made content people actually cared about and made the food secondary.

Targeting niche audiences and interests like gaming, anime, disc golf and woodworking, we built a rabid audience who shared the niche interests the members of our team had... and it WORKED.


The Results

The industry average for brand engagement on social lands somewhere between one and three percent (1-3%), with six percent (6%) being considered "Very High."

Arby's Instagram engagement rate was over 12% for 2019.

Double the rate of "highly engaged" brands.

With follower growth across all channels averaging 19% YoY, we knew we had hit the "stop scrolling, start engaging" goal.

Engagement Labs also gave Arby's credit for our niche-centric social strategy by awarding them the #3 slot in "Most Talkworthy Marketing Online" in 2018.

We also won several awards, which meant the Ad Industry liked what we were doing, too.


“Arby’s is the 3rd most shared brand online.”

— Engagement Labs

Some Highlights


TikTok Influencer Campaign - October 27, 2020–November 6, 2020


SHORTY AWARD WINNER for TikTok Partnership

See the campaign:


May 16, 2018 (Saucy_AF) and May 16, 2019 (Fancy_AF)

GOLD ATLANTA AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Art Direction (for Saucy_AF)

SILVER ATLANTA AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Innovative Use of Technology (for Saucy_AF)

BRONZE ATLANTA AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Branded Content (for Saucy_AF)

Two reasons I'm proud of this one:

• It's my handwriting (in Arby's Sauce) translated into two fonts

• I convinced the clients that "AF" stood for "Arby's Font"


Twitter Activation - September 12-16, 2018

2018 SHORTY AWARD WINNER for Art Direction

GOLD ATLANTA AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Art Direction - Campaign, Social Media Campaign and Online Campaign

SILVER ATLANTA AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Social Media Single Execution


Nightmare from "Soul Calibur VI"

Event Activation in partnership with Bandai Namco and Volpin Props - July 5-8 and August 3-4, 2018

The. Biggest. Activation. We. Ever. Did.


Instagram Story Activation - June 24-25, 2019

2019 SHORTY AWARDS FINALIST for Gamification

GOLD REGIONAL AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology

SILVER ATLANTA AD CLUB ADDY WINNER for Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology

See the activation:


We Made Cool Sh*t

Arby’s Cosplayer

And this is only SOME of what we made in 2020...

To see more, you'll need to check out Arby's social channels... and scroll WAY back on the timelines, LOL.

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