Skills TEAM LEADERSHIP – Collaborative and Enthusiastic People Lead • Leading and developing high-performing, award-winning Creative teams for over 20 years • Embracing administrative duties to allow my teams to produce the best work with the fewest process obstructions • Setting the tone by encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work by being my authentic self • Supervising and project-managing remote teams across multiple cities, time zones and countries • Supervising and mentoring interns • Developing trust within teams to create confidence to work independently and not feel micro-managed • Collaborating across a variety of teams and functions in fast-paced, professional environments • Thriving in high-energy settings managing multiple work streams simultaneously • Presenting, communicating and thinking critically both internally and with clients • Directing agency partners / vendors / contractors through strong verbal and written communication • Jumping in at any level as needed to bring a project to completion CREATIVE – Detail-Oriented Art Director, Designer and Illustrator • Demonstrating strong creative and critical thinking by designing and building across a variety of touch points: point-of-purchase and retail; environmental / brick and mortar; experiential / trade shows; event activations; web/mobile UI and UX; infographics and data visualization; photography; packaging; identity and branding • Designing and building across a variety of media: digital, mobile, AR/VR, packaging, print, animation, paper craft, food • Utilizing compelling storytelling to create consistent, tailored Creative assets • Directing photo and video shoots with a singular artistic vision to meet the clients’ goals • Producing: estimating, designing for prepress / preparing final files, visiting sites, checking presses STRATEGY – Insights-Driven Trend Pusher • Turning research and intelligence into relevant, actionable insights for Creative and Marketing • Developing bespoke brand and market narratives based on data • Staying ahead of trends in technology through continuous research • Driving innovation and continuous improvement of process and desired business outcomes • Analyzing complex data sets and distilling findings into usable insights • Developing presentations and pitches to sell through big ideas • Watching trends and leading vision for content strategy, ideation, creation, photography and editing MARKETING – Adept Relationship Builder • Understanding of integrated marketing across the prospect life cycle and engagement funnel • Managing branded partnerships / cross-branded promotion marketing and licensing • Building relationships through client interaction, sales, negotiation and budget planning • Developing and launching products and solutions based on client and market needs • Meticulously planning, scheduling and executing both D2C and B2B campaigns for online and offline / out of home

Oh, hi.


Congratulations! You've found the website for Scott Andrew Hunt (he/him/his), award-winning creative team leader and maker with over 20 years of professional concepting, design, strategy and marketing experience with a focus on social media and digital advertising.

My husband had to move my site to a new server (!), and that meant a chance to CLEAN HOUSE, rebuild and not migrate everything from my old site. So... I apologize if you've been to my site before and can't find something that you've seen previously. Trust me, it's stored away safely.

Stay awhile, take a look around, and hit me up if you have a project we can collab on!

A note about the icons you'll see on my site: No, there isn't a problem with your browser. The icons are made of cut paper. I love real, tangible things crossing over into the digital world, and as a Maker I had to do something fun for my own site.

I hand-cut each one with an X-Acto knife and photograph them on the rig I have at home that captures the shadows and depth of the layers of paper.

The photos below show some of the in-progress "icon tiles" before they're finished, shot and added to the site. The first four (technically five) I made back in 2017 were for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

I made two versions for Instagram because sometimes I needed the white logo against a dark or really colorful background.

I've since added a bunch of new tiles at the start of 2024 and updated Facebook's to their newer, centered "f" version as well as using a brighter blue paper than I used for the original.

I put off replacing "Twitter" with "X" for as long as I could... BUT I was able to make it kind-of cool by using a piece of felt for the background. I miss the blue bird, though.

And yes, TikTok is <slightly> larger because the thin paper I used for the fluorescents in the icon kept tearing when I cut it at the smaller size. The joys of working with paper...


Wanna find me elsewhere?

You'll get bored quickly... it's a lot of photos of my adorable husband, our kids and our rescue dog, Porter.